Fixation on Breakfast at Tiffany's

| 6.25.2009


Hands down, my favorite film of all time is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I can’t fully describe my obsession on this movie but suffice it to say, I own a DVD copy, downloaded it on my mac and ipod so I can watch it wherever I am and whenever I feel like it.

The film was based on Truman Capote’s novel but it’s also a showcase of classic styles. A fashion show in its own way. Up until now, after having seen it countless times , I’m still in deep awe of how chic Audrey Hepburn was in the film. Personally, I think this catapulted her into the fashion icon that she is now. My god, almost 50 years later Holly Golightly’s movie wardrobe is still very much in fashion! Isn’t that astonishing? The little black dress, black alligator pumps, bold necklaces and earrings, huge hats, trench coat and wayfarer sunglasses -these were all prominent throughout the film and yet when you think about it they’re still in the mainstream.

Audrey Hepburn collaborated with Hubert de Givenchy in the costume design for this film and boy they pulled them off with aplomb!

And if there’s one thing this movie taught me in effortless styling, it would be to zero in on key pieces that will last for seasons to come. So let me quote Holly when she asked Paul after putting on the black dress, black alligator pumps, huge black hat with a bow and the statement earrings in less than 5 minutes.

Holly Golightly: How do I look?
Paul Varjak: Very good. I must say, I'm amazed.

Indeed, I am amazed!

Enjoy the clip.



Style and beyond said...

ooooh and btw, G. was Holly Golightly last Halloween!!!

XO iyam

Toni Tones said...


Mads said...

I watched this again last Sunday during our duty but the dvd acted up and we didn't finish it.. I want her sparkly earrings in the early scene where she was getting reading to go toSingsing.. The one she didn't wear..

Jane said...

Adore Breakfast at Tiffany's! One of my top three favourite movies along with Some Like It Hot and Singing in the Rain. Have seen B at T countless times and can act it from start to finish (it's been done! go to a boarding school and have too mush time on my hands) B at T was actually a short story (approx 100 pages) and Capote originally wanted M. Monroe to play Holly. Book is a lot darker with drugs and lesbians etc etc well worth a read!