Bruno interrupted

| 7.13.2009

Before we went to see Bruno, PJ and I (and a friend) had late lunch at the Japanese grocery store by Edgewater, NJ. Despite the vast selection of great food, we always end up getting our favorite Katsu-don - breaded porkchop with egg over rice :)

got some candies too!!! :)

After pigging-out, we finally got to the movie house. In the middle of the movie just when Bruno was introduced as Straight Dave, the alarm went off!!! At first we thought it was all part of the act but NO!! eventually, everybody was forced to go out. Before we know it, the fire trucks and police cars arrived and surrounded the place!

To cut it short, we didn't get to see the ending -- bummer. But YES, we got free tickets for next week!!! LOL



Carmen said...

Cute outfit!!! I love your sunglasses.

The food looks yummy! I love japanese grocery stores, unfortunately we only have one in London.

Love the pictures.


janettaylor said...

Ferragamo flats are really perfect!


Mads said...

hi there!! Wow you live in NY? I love blogs that are based in NY.. Only second to Japan related blogs though..=p I wish Bruno would be shown in Manila soon.. Love your vintage sequins from the old post.. want to exchange links?


The Little Fashion Treasury said...


Love your "storybook" and your turquoise sunglasses!

Happy sunny and relaxing day to you!!!
Hugs from

jodmac said...

I'm the "friend." Woohoo!

Nice blog, Yam :)

JHEANELL said...

...what a tragic way to have to leave a movie lol - atleast you get to see it again - we're seeing in on the outfit by the way :)

What Was I Thinking? said...

That food looks so good... katsu-don is my fave too!

What a crazy movie experience!

The Divinitus said...

maybe it was a sabotage.... lol. went to see bruno as well and there was a group of ppl who left after 10 minutes of screening.

Jessica said...

yuum yuum!! looks sooo yummy!! =)
and you look cute with that outfit!! xD

Sheriously said...

Hello.. just passing by.. I love your blog and i totallly love your style =]
swap links? :D