Contemporary Audrey

| 7.16.2009

on my way to catch the train

saw this lady walking
with a cigarette, so chic
i knew i had to take a peek
damn! i didn't bring my cam!


xtinagirl said...

Hahaha omg, I totally know how you feel. There's people I want to take pictures of and it's so creeper-like! I like how you did it anyway :]

And how do you pronounce your name? It's way cool. I grew up in NYC and then moved to CA! I miss it.


The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Happy sunny friday, Iyam!
Love your "contemporary Audrey" photo and had to smile about your explanation ;)

Beautiful Blessings and a wonderful relaxing weekend!


Mila said...

She looks sooo chic!

janettaylor said...

OMG! Perfection! Audrey was the best! :-)

have a great Friday Hooooney!

The Haute-Shopper said...

Ahh, terrific look! Very French! Though I wish few French people would smoke on the street.. it gets quite annoying (this coming from a former smoker).

Loved that last post by the way... I actually read that more women are choosing menswear these days, because they are realizing it's better made, less trend-driven and therefore much more timeless. So more and more menswear departments are stocking smaller sizes for women to wear. Wishing you a great weekend!

[LA] said...


Kristin said...

Wish I could get it together enough to walk around like that. Even blurry, it looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

she's looks HOT!!!

Anonymous said...

nice :)

La Couturier said...

Still, you captured a stylish lady (:

La C.

Fra89 said...

I love your blog, this woman seems to be so chic!! I will follow you!

Noelle Chantal said...

the photo is blurry but still she looks gorgeous to me! very chic! love her hat and that white huge bag and flowy dress.

oh and i like your outfits on your previous posts too :)

xtinagirl said...

That's so funny that you said "I'm still young"! The manager at Coach said the same thing to me! I was trying to decide if I wanted to invest in a trench coat or a purse. He goes, "You're only 21!? Good thing you're starting early on classic items, this normally starts when you're about 25." :]

...I bought the coat. With good reason! SALE.

And I like that-don't think about the labels. Comfy is best!



La Couturier said...

Aw, thank you for leaving such a sweet comment; I would love to meet you one day in person too!

La C.

Just Like Honey said...

I know it is very, very wrong to think so, but smoking does somehow make people appear more chic... perhaps not later on in life as yellow skin is never a good look, but smoking and wide-brimmed hats go together beautifully!