Define your personal style.

| 7.01.2009

I am always at a loss when I think about defining my own personal style. Best thing I love about fashion is that anyone can be a style chameleon! I think it’s all about knowing what looks good on you and what keeps you exceptional. Defining one’s style, in my opinion, will only limit one’s choice to be FUN, CREATIVE and BOLD!

I have yet to post different wardrobes but below are some old pictures showing my weakness to try on distinctive styles :)

These pictures only show I stick to variety.



Anonymous said...

I totally u/stnd what u mean. I was clearing out my overstuffed and almost popping open... I am so gonna try to keep what I need too .. heeeee ....
you hv great style!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Happy sunny day to you!!
This is such a wonderful collage, you have any amazing style and so many beautiful items to call
yours! Love your photo with the white vintage angora top!!

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!!
Beautiful Blessings to you..

Will add you to my blog roll ;)

[LA] said...

With Miss Deyn! =)


Hi, My Name is Christine said...

uhm... hello? Is that you with Ms. Agnyes Dean? There must be a story!

I adooore the second to last outfit, it's so over-the-top glam!