Once upon a time...

| 7.05.2009

For the past couple of days, I've been busy entertaining old friends. Whenever we have guests visiting NY, I never fail to remember the things I've went through with them and can't help but look back and feel fulfilled on how fun we all spent our teenage years together. Most of my friends are from highschool and a few of them already got hitched and gave birth to beautiful kids, just like Nicole and Chris. For 15 months now, they are blessed with a happy (and I mean really HAPPY) baby boy named Santino.

FRIDAY: PJ and I, together with Kaisser, took them Upstate to Woodbury Commons, met with another good old friend, Bianca and drove back to the city right after.

Nicole, Santino, Chris

Santino and his "manny" Kaisser

(L-R) Kaisser, Bianca, Chris, Gail (Chris' sister), Nicole, PJ and Santino

Batchmates: Kaisser, Nicole, Bianca, PJ, ME

Everybody got excited when I told them about our blog

and wanted to smile for the camera!!!



KaKa said...

Great pictures ;p I'm sure all of you had fun catching up and shopping! Hopefully I'll be seen in your blog too... soon when I visit.... hehehe! =D

Anonymous said...

this is one funny picture!!!

kaisser said...

manny?!!??!?wow iyam wow LOL