Fashionably injured

| 6.22.2009

You must be wondering how the 3 of us look like. LOL blame it all on G. We had plans last Friday that we were all going to have dinner and celebrate the launch of our blog and of course take some pictures – and guess what happened!?! As always, G managed to wreck the plans worse, hurt herself. Poor thing. She tripped while wearing her gold Tory Burch FLATS!?!? She ended up in the ER and left after 6-7 hours. Talk about emergency! I guess that’s quite an introduction for our beloved friend… get well soon b*tch! That's what you get for getting too excited to wear your Givenchy heels!!! :p *jealous* hehehe

PS: found the perfect pic for you today. enjoy!

getty images
xoxo iyam
*just got a text from her @ 11:30am-- she's still drugged! what a life!!


Gretchen said...

Thanks my iyam!! This certainly made my dreary morning! Thanks for the hilarious posting!I still can't believe what happened. See you
later my b*tches! Can't wait.. love yah-G.

Ore said...

for some reason this makes me smile


Haha! I usually tend to trip on my flats too. I'm more poised when in heels so I understand. :)