The Imelda in us

| 6.22.2009

We are no close to Imelda Marcos’ massive shoe collection but we’ll definitely strive to have as many pairs as we can have in our lifetime! I can certainly speak for all of us and say we’ll squander our money on any pair of shoes that we’ll fall in love with.


*Cheers* to our investments, they make us look fabulous and broke!!!

-iyam & Mich


Nini's Style said...

LOL, love your statement.

Style and beyond said...

hey nini!
thanks for the comment -- we're still working on the pictures :)

good night <3 from NY

bourgeoisie said...

wow, cool shoes and cool statement! :D

Style and beyond said...

hi there!


Lynn said...

i spy alaias! =) hi gretchen!