Wet weekend? Go local.

| 6.23.2009

Like most people do, I dress up depending on my mood. Worst to catch me is when at work and when it's raining. I never dress up to go to work (unless of course I have plans after), it's just that the environment doesn't call for it and I don't see the point flaunting your style with a bunch of suit-slaves. LOL. I kid. I dress comfortably -- as in flats -- as stress gets into me quite evidently and wearing heels 24/7 isn't a great idea after all. Just the same when it's raining, you can either see me wearing a pair of rain boots or my docs just as this past Saturday - it poured at one point.

A friend picked me up to go to the city - we went to Met to meet with another.
The museum is sooo close to work and I honestly take that for granted. I'm embarrassed to say that that was my first visit -- definitely a HUGE mistake on my part. Even if I didn't get to see the Costume Institute (what luck! the section was closed that day, nevertheless, I still plan to visit again soon!), I found their collection AMAZING , from paintings to sculptures and artifacts -- please note that this is coming from a person who doesn't like going to museums that much so it REALLY is worth the visit! :)

Enjoyed a banana and hazelnut creme crepe at Max Brenner's with PJ and friends afterwards.



modediktat said...

Hi there, what a lovely blog you have! You have great style, lady :-D
The picture of that crepe is sooooooo yummy-yum-yum.... DELICIOUS!
Will visit again!