Friday: Out with the old (picture overload)

| 7.26.2009

Bianca came to visit =) She's been to Ithaca for 2 weeks now to attend school and was absolutely delighted to see the city once again!!

Shopping while we wait for Bianca...
PJ and I met with Bianca and her friends in one of the most interesting places I've been so far - It's in the best kept secret location in Midtown - it's Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien.
Marble lobby, giant mirrors, front desk - everything you'd expect in a hotel, you'll see right when you get in.
One would notice an oddly huge red velvety tarp -
but a curious one will see this small neon burger sign that'll lead you to the entrance.
Expect to see in the crowd college kids to Midtown workers to opera-goers - the line can go all the way out the door and finding tables can be worse than a sample sale!!
You spend $7 or more for the burger but is it worth it?? YES! You can easily compare the taste to that of In-N-Out's or Five Guys' -- I'll leave it all to you to decide :)

Perfect way to burn the burger: WALK. We walked from 56th Street and 7th Ave. to 60th Street and 3rd Ave. only to find ourselves in front of Serendipity 3 LOL!
Some cute things we saw on our way...
A view outside Serendipity 3...

and inside

The treats!! =)

Talk about sugar high -- we all slept at 4:30am LOL.


MITICA said...

cool post, love your t-shirt!!

What Was I Thinking? said...

I want to nom that burger!

&& the store pics are so cute :)

Ediot said...

great pictures- i love the mood in it all and youre so cute

joanne said...

omgosh those little trinkets look so cute!!

Lilee said...

love how you've got the shirt as a skirt!

Anonymous said... it always that crowded at serendipity3? i've always wanted to go :(

kristina michelle said...

cute blog! fun photos!

and i totally didn't know that place serendipity actually existed! i thought i was only for the movie "serendipity" with john cusack. great movie if you havent seen it.

i just started my blog, would love if you stopped by.

xo, kristina michelle

renee said...

amazing pictures. looks like heaven.

yoshi said...

i've lived in ny for almost 4 years now and STILL have yet to go to serendipity... i'm not txting my bf to take me =)

aliomi said...

frozen hot chocolate!! long time fave! DIY, Vintage & Couture Boutique. Check us out! Love your blog