SEVEN NY + Nicholas Kirkwood Party

| 9.17.2009

PJ and I and a couple of lovely friends (Yvette and Jod)
went to check out the Seven New York + Nicholas Kirkwood Party Saturday night.
No SINGLE person was ugly!! Everybody was just FABULOUS!
It was great to see some fellow bloggers too
but got totally shy approaching them (as usual) LOL
I wish I had taken pictures of people in the party but sadly, I wasn't able to =(
sorry to disappoint you guys!!

here's a couple of shots PJ took of me, Yvette and Jod
Isn't Yvette's dress gorgeous?!?

This is my world right now:
WORK + SCHOOL + PLAY+ SLEEP + SOCIAL LIFE + a little bit of BLOG (sorry!)

hope you're all having a GREAT week!


zoe. xox said...

I love both your dresses! Gorgeous! :)

What Was I Thinking? said...

hahaha no ugly people allowed party, huh?

I bet you fit RIGHT into that glamourous party, you look DELIGHTFUL!

<3 Christine
What Was I Thinking?

jodmac said...

I'm not worthy!

janettaylor said...

Lovely pic!


♥Aubrey said...

Gorgeous as usual girl ♥ Luv the heels.


Jod! You have a blog? Nice pics, Iyam!! Keep your tweets private, someone's stalking us! LOL!

Anonymous said...

wooooah.. so fun!!! crazy / sexy / cool... i think that is how I describe your world !! have fun and take good care.

Miss Neira said...

aw that look so fun! I wish i lived in New York!
your dress looked gorgeous!

Rox said...

Yep, her dress is cool, but u look fabulous. Im glad i discovered ur blog. Looking forward to seeing smth new every day. Ur outfits are so cool and ure really cute. Im trying to picture myself in some of ur outfits. Im short, probably shorter than u, so i cant always wear what i want.... I gotta try a long dress one of these days. Ur green dress at the blogger party is amazing. Looooove the colour.

Tee said...

love yals shoes