Yes, I still DO!!

| 9.24.2009

..have a social life inspite all the craziness =)

Saturday Dim Sum with the blogger ladies and their hubbies..
Sorry for the late post you guys!!

Hubby and Lynn

Hubby and Thumbelina

Hubby and Deanne

weather's been so unpredictable here in NY...
this day was quite chilly and just today it feels like summer all over again!!

miss you all!!


CC said...

your shoes are all i could focus on

theTrendyDwarf said...

I agree so much with the comment made by "CC!" Super original! Never seen anything like that! Your scarf is so amazing! I LOVE IT! Deanne...isn't she from DreamSequins? That's so cool how you guys are all bloggers and you chillax all together! That looks like so much fun! I would love to do that!
Lynn's hubby..I like how he's dressed. All the guys are dressed simple and casual but also, you can tell they are fashion conscientious! Well, they better be if they're with fashion caring women!
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What Was I Thinking? said...

Aww, I saw the pics on the other ladies' blogs, looks like so much fun!

You look great, love the boots.

<3 Christine
What Was I Thinking?

Dream Sequins said...

Pretty pretty pretty :) I love your boots, too!!! Yay :) Glad we got together and had some epic dim sum. We need to do this again. But with drinks. And minus the boys!

janettaylor said...

Love your outfits!


zoe. xox said...

I love your shoess!

kaitlyn said...

that last shot is amazing, and so are your boots.

Delmy said...

I love those boots! I love how you wore them! Superb

Carrie said...

I love your outfit!!!! It's so nice to see pictures of the girls and their husband. And it's really cool that you girls are all friends, living in NY, with a love for fashion. I hope you have a good weekend.



wonderfull pictures and wonderfull outfifts!!

modediktat said...

OMG - Thumbelinas hubby is looking exactly like her :) LOL....

Ohhhh, my little sweetheart - was coming over to say I'm missing your lovely comments, you little whirlwind! I hope all is well and that life and the new school is going fabulous! I'm thinking of you everyday and I'm always happy to become known of you.

I love all the pictures and it's so nice to see the men matching to each beautiful fashion blogerette! :) Amazing couples! And what I love the most is that you're all finding the time to meet up - you're the real SATC crew!

wishing you a wonderful weekend and a successful new week, darling!
missing you. sooooooooooooooooho much....
much love always, s.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

How's it going girlfriend?! I thought I left a comment but I guess not. Anyway, it was so nice hanging out...need to do it again soon :) I know what you mean about being busy. This month has been nuts!!